25 years of Tresor | First Acts for the Techno institution’s anniversary announced

[dropcap]Berlin[/dropcap], 1991—after the disintegration of the GDR and the reunification of Germany, Berlin was a place to be conquered, full of abandoned buildings and cheap rents, basically, a hot spot for artists and creative people fulfilling their dreams of doing something creative. Musicians, artists, painters and DJs alike rushed to Berlin, laying the foundation for the creative centre of the universe it is today (excuse me being biased).

One of the earliest projects that turned into a world-renowned institutions was Tresor, the legendary Techno club that helped to shape the sound of Berlin with its events and the record label. That the venue turned out to be this legendary, noone would have thought that, especially not founder Dimitri Hegemann (whose New Wave/Post Punk band Leningrad Sandwich is still worth a listen).

Initially located at Leipziger Straße, and licensed as a gallery for three months, the first Tresor turned out to be a long-lasting institution which played a crucial role in the development of (not just) Berlin’s Techno scene. Closely connected to Detroit and its not less noteworthy Electronic Music tradition, the cities formed close ties, existing until today, and the frequent sets of Robert Hood, Jeff Mills or Juan Atkins speak for themselves.

Tresor 25 Years Festival Poster 2

Starting out with sets of legends like Jeff Mills, followed by collaborations with Love Parade founder Sven Väth (who did two amazing EBM albums under the OFF moniker), Surgeon‘s residence there, bringing banging Birmingham Techno to Berlin… Tresor’s history is clearly full of amazing things and noteworthy appearances of now-legendary artists, being the party highlights of many people going there, and the club stayed true to the legendary status it established.

As the longest-running Techno intitution, a lot of people left their mark in the club’s history, e.g. Ancient Methods doing their first steps as DJs there under the moniker Trias vs. Baeks (pseudonyms used by Michael Wollenhaupt and his then-bandmate Conrad Protzmann), and until today, the venue is the inspiration for many things that followed. After the first Tresor in Berlin-Mitte was closed down in 2004 (the building has been demolished since then), they found a new location in 2007, a renovated power plant, the second Tresor which is existing until today.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Tresor will continue to throw raving parties, with very interesting specials to come—yet unannounced. What has is clear for now: Tresor will have a massive 25th anniversary party with three nights in a row of serious party business. The festival will take place in Tresor from July 21st to July 23rd, with live acts like Surgeon, a collaboration of Regis and James Ruskin named O/V/R, and a collaboration of Sleeparchive and DJ Pete presents TR-101. DJ sets from Jonas Kopp, Juan Atkins, Regis (again!) are promising a hellish amount of Electronic fun, and that’s not even all. There are plenty acts tbc for that weekend, and it will be a blast.

Tickets can be purchased here, and you can have an excessive look at the line-up.

Tresor Berlin

For those interested, there is an excellent documentary about Tresor on Youtube. German with English subtitles.