[dropcap]Post-Punk.com[/dropcap] was founded in early 2004. The site is a home for Post-Punk/New Wave/Goth and related styles of music—created as a central location online where fans of these more left-field styles of dance music could congregate, share reviews, and network for gigs, etc. At the time of it’s founding, Post-Punk music was seeing a fresh revival, and the goal of the site was to fuse the original era of bands with the new and younger musicians who were inspired by and emulating those founding artists. From 2004 – 2010 the site was maintained and updated by a staff of three volunteers; Andru Aesthetik, Frank Deserto, and Adam Sharp. Each of these contributors are still active in their own local scenes either as musicians, or journalists (or both).

With the rise of social networking, most of the site’s content stopped being updated in favor of the MySpace and Facebook formats, and the from 2010 – 2013, very little updating had been done on the main site. However, our newest contributor Johnny Quan provided steady updates and new articles to our social media outlets. Around 2012, Alex Baker—an experienced Post-Punk journalist and promoter who is deeply embedded within the international Post-Punk scene—began to work on revitalizing the site. 

In 2014, the site was relaunched as the pre-eminent source of Post-Punk information on the internet—with an aim to develop the content further with video features, interviews. reviews and more!


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