Ash Code | Nite Rite Video Premiere

[dropcap]In[/dropcap] 2014, the Italian three-piece band Ash Code released their first record Oblivion and earned very favorable reviews, praising the band as one of the best Darkwave bands today. Since the release of Oblivion, the band toured accross Europe on various occasions and proved their quality as a live act, with gigs in Berlin, Bochum, Leipzig – Alessandro, Claudia and Adriano were busy people. All that touring, nevertheless, didn’t keep them from writing songs, and one of their new tracks, Nite Rite – the first one recorded after the Oblivion sessions in September 2014 – is brought to you exclusively here, on Additionally, the track is the first song you can hear from the new Ash Code album which is scheduled for Winter 2016. Quite some time to wait, but Nite Rite is an excellent teaser for the new, yet untitled, follow up for Oblivion.

The video itself gives certain hints towards another 2014 hits – True Detective seemingly left a huge impression on the band, borrowing certain elements of the series’ aesthetics and especially the opening credits might look familiar for those who binge watched the series and wondered about the strangeness of the case creator Nick Pizzolatto dug up and brilliantly shaped into a thrilling ten episode epos. Video editor Elio De Filippo, who worked with the band for the fifth time now, processed the series’ aesthetics into the new video and underlined the song’s theme exceptionally well – imaginary satanic parties on a saturday. The horror might be (somewhat) real on True Detectie, but Ash Code created another smash hit enhancing their live sets. Enjoy!