B.F.E Records Reissues End of Data’s Debut LP Sahrah

In the digital age, thousands of records have been discovered and have become instant classics, forgotten gems finally receiving the love and adoration they deserve. End of Data‘s 1984 debut Sahrah is one of the best LPs to have been unearthed in the era of the music blog, and Spanish label B.F.E Records have just reissued the classic coldwave LP on limited edition vinyl.

As one of the flagship bands of the French la vague froide movement (also known as coldwave throughout much of Europe), End of Data shared members with the like-minded Charles de Goal. The band released two LPs during their tenure, both landmarks of the genre. End of Data perfectly blended incisive guitars, pummeling drum machine rhythms, and unsettling electronics, and in doing so, were one of the most unique bands in the genre.

Sahrah was originally released on the legendary Divine imprint, also home to Fra Lippo Lippi, Mecano, Complot Bronswick, Flue, and Tuxedomoon. The LP is a latter-day classic, with the mid-tempo title track appearing in DJ sets on both sides of the pond. The fast-paced punk rave-up “If I’m Not a Killer” is another standout, while both “Follow Me and So” and “Like a Succession I & II” are built around dreamy synths and minimal electronics, the latter exploding into a chaotic synth frenzy.

That said, the entire album is an essential genre masterpiece from front-to-back. The original LP fetches high prices in the resellers market, which makes this reissue long overdue and extremely welcome. The B.F.E edition has been lovingly remastered and includes rare photos and liner notes from the band. Check out the tracklisting below, alongside the video for “Sahrah.”

End of Data- Sahrah
1. End of Data
2. If I’m Not a Killer
3. Follow Me and So
4. Like a Succession I & II
5. Trottodaf
6. Sahrah (Symphonie Inachevée)

Purchase digital/vinyl editions via Bandcamp.