Bauhaus and Skinny Puppy | Peter Murphy and Nivek Ogre to star in horror movie

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]auhaus singer Peter Murphy and Skinny Puppy founding member Nivek Ogre will be starring in a horror movie called BlackGloveKiller.

The movie will be directed by Toronto-based film maker and composer Chris Alexander (Fangoria). Not many things have been revealed about the plot, what is known so far is that the movie will be centered around a female killer named Miranda, who lives by night.

Both Peter Murphy and Ogre have been on the big screen before—the Bauhaus singer’s most infamous appearance is in the opening sequence of the cult horror movie The Hunger, starring David Bowie, miming to their trademark song Bela Lugosi’s Dead with the full band, and a short sequence in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, whereas Ogre was a part of Repo! The Genetic Opera.

According to director Chris Alexander, BlackGloveKiller “really aims to be a horror film like no other horror film, one that nods to its influence but is still distinctly the product of my own imagination.” The movie is rumoured to be very “hallucinogenic” and promises to be a dark and probing look at the human condition, inspired by Lars Von Trier, Jess Franco or Jean Rollin.

It can be speculated that Miranda, the movie’s main character, might be a vampire which explains a description given to Stereo Embers, as she anxiously sits in a cage by day awaiting sunset to go out and get her work done, which might be true for vampires as well as for editors, but we doubt she’s the latter. We would know (and we’re alive and well).

At the moment, the movie is in pre-production and is expected to hit the cinemas this year.

h/t to Dangerousminds