Black Egg – Melencolia (Vinyl review)

[dropcap]Norma [/dropcap]Loy‘s UsherSan, who occasionally released music under different monikers, left important traces in my music collection. Of course, because you really must be completely devoid of a heart not to love Norma Loy and the brilliant DZ Lectric and Anthon Shield album Lickin’, just to name two, not to mention Die Puppe. With Black Egg, he formed his darkest project so far, collaborating with various other musicians such as Corina Nenuphar of Ghost Actor or Adan and Ilse‘s Peter Render, in 2013 and released an album which turned out to be one of my favorite albums of that year. Since the release of Legacy of a Cold World, some pieces were released that left me baffled, most notably I am speaking of the Ancient Methods reworks of Ohne Hände, one of the debut’s highlights, key staples of my and many other DJ sets, and the Brotherhood EP.

From their very beginnings on, Black Egg always transported a feeling that is somewhat close to November Növelet, Haus Arafna’s “pop project”, transcending the borders between Cold Wave, Minimal Wave and Power Electronics, and I do like to think that November Növelet are, still, the best comparison I can make to describe the sound of Black Egg. So you likely do know what to expect – minimalistic drum beats, coming from retro drum machines, analogue synthesizers, distorted and processed voices and noises, somewhat experimental loops… And well, the (excellent!) mastering of Galaktorrhö’s Friedemann Kootz, who laid his hands on various artists of the notorious noise aficionados’ label, doesn’t really help distinguishing Black Egg’s sounds from those Galaktorrhö releases occasionally. Yet, it sounds excellent – Examples, you say? “Tease me”, you say?

Well then – Neon Men and Leaving are excellent Cold Wave tracks, bleak up-tempo tracks masterfully displaying the band’s extra class in synthesizer music production, the latter displaying musical traces of early Front 242. The beats sound extremely cold and synthetic due to the use of ancient drum machines (that DR-55 rimshot… Ahhh, pure satisfaction) while being extremely effective, creating a cold atmosphere by monotony. King and Naked Angel are two songs prominently sung by Corina, haunting and seductive, evoking visions of extreme bleakness driven forward by synthetic, cold melodies and a use of synth pads which, once again, brings contemporary noise artists to your mind (and yes, I am speaking of NN). Krieg, my personal highlight so far (admittedly that differs every time I listen to the album), shows a rather aggressive side of Black Egg, which hasn’t been as present in their music so far – Tribalistic drums and processed noise, german shouting close to the vocal style of Gabi Delgado-Lopez conquered a fellow German’s heart in a blitzkrieg.

I could easily waste some time introducing all of the tracks bit by bit to you but that is an effort that is fairly pointless as I celebrate each of these pieces. From the excellent In The Black Sun, which has been premiered on exclusively, to Leaving, with the archaic EBM feeling I mentioned, Naked Angel or King, which is closest to a pop song one can get on this album to the very excellent Krieg and the haunting closing song Petit Chevalier – a haunting Nico cover sung by Ushersan’s daughter… I could drop some words about extremely good tracks such as Sterilize as well, but to cut it short, I can gladly introduce you to an all killer no filler-album. If you’d put a gun to my head and forced me to tell me which song to check out to get a good picture of the whole album, I’d ask you kindly to pull the trigger. Highly recommended, high quality album, raising your attention from the first to the last second.

P.S.: Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl. Be quick!

P.S.: The CD version of the album comes with five not less excellent bonus tracks you should check out as well!


  1. In The Black Sun
  2. Leaving
  3. Sterilize
  4. Neon Man
  5. King
  6. Egg Mantra
  7. Krieg
  8. Nation
  9. Naked Angel
  10. Petit Chevalier

CD Bonus Tracks:

  1. Secret Wounds
  2. Sigil of the Trees
  3. Arrows
  4. Stains
  5. Traum Baby Traum
  6. Stunde Null

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