Cinematic Synth duo Vowws premiere ‘Forget Your Finery’

Cinematic synth duo Vowws have premiered their first single from their upcoming album Under The World due out February 2018.

The track Forget Your Finery is a departure from the sound of their previous LP The Great Sun, fusing the industrial synth sounds into something more surf, shoegaze, and indiepop; Matt and Riz from Vowws explain:

“The old school surf-rock gang – The Shadows, Dick Dale and John Barry are all huge influences for us, in both style and harmony. They played the bottom strings of a guitar with the same rhythmic intensity as a drummer. So we wanted to bend the fuck out of that vibe, and marry it with our two-piece, industrial-electronic set up. So that’s what this song is – a weird industrial-surf-pop-banger.”

Photo by Jesse Draxler

Under The World is the duo’s first release on the new L.A. based label Anti-Language Records. Vowws will be performing at the label’s first festival called Dark Basel on December 2nd in Miami with 3Teeth, Astari Nite and Bestial Mouths