Classically Smiths cancelled as Mike Joyce follows suit with Andy Rourke in not participating

In news that comes as no surprise, Classically Smiths, the event that was to see Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke, and Craig Gannon of The Smiths perform with the backing of a full orchestra, has been canceled.

The news follows yesterday’s statement by bassist Andy Rourke that he was “deeply saddened” that the event was announcing his participation without his confirmation or consent to Bad Production LTD, the organizers of the event.

Today, the final nail in the coffin was drummer Mike Joyce following suit on pulling out of the concerts with the Manchester Camerata Orchestra.

“After much deliberation and soul searching I have decided that without Andy, an integral part of why I agreed to take part in the first place, I have come to this difficult decision. I still believe the shows and concept to be a fantastic idea and wish them all the success they deserve.”

See his full statement via Facebook below:

Following this, as reported by Pitchfork, Joel Perry of Bad Production Ltd. had stated: “In response to recent comments in the press, the planned Classically Smiths events will now, no longer be taking place.

No statement from “5th member” Craig Gannon, nor thoughts on this fiasco by Morrissey or Johnny Marr have been issued at this time.

It is worth noting Joyce seems to have had a contractual clause or something of that nature preventing him from stating earlier Rourke’s non involvement with the project when the announcement was made Monday:

“Unfortunately it became apparent that Andy would not be taking part and was never a part of this. I agreed with Andy that I would take part in the press conference and inform people that he would not be taking part. Unfortunately on the morning of the press conference I was informed I would not be able to say this. I therefore agreed to take part in the press interviews but did so without discussing Andy’s participation in the venture at any point during all tv, radio and print interviews.”