Clay Rendering | New EP We Are Aware on Hospital Recordings

[dropcap]Tara[/dropcap] and Mike Connelly are the people behind Clay Rendering, a Shoegaze/Cold Wave/Black Metal project that released their first recordings in 2014. Since they started recording, they released an impressive batch of releases, three singles and one album (Snowthrown, 2015) on Hospital Productions and Gods of Tundra.

Following up Snowthrown, the two-piece is about to release a new EP, We Are Aware, that was created in cooperation with Dominick Fernow of Prurient and Vatican Shadow, presenting an addictive burst of washed-up guitars, a drum machine tickling along and a good dose of Black Metal’s hypnotic qualities—echoing the golden age of Indie and Shoegaze in the late 80s and early 90s.

The Pop appeal of the title track might be a bit misleading though—the B-side, with the tracks Never Pass Away and Towards Motionless, offers a more introspective and experimental take on the band’s sound, focusing on sound design experiments and droning atmospheres, not standing back behind the obvious hit, that is designed to storm the dancefloors of dark and foggy clubs where you can hear your weekly dose of quality Post Punk (I kindly refuse to use the word Gothic).

We Are Aware is out since July 21st and can be ordered on Boomkat.

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