“Cocteau Twins Fever” News Broadcast about a gig promoted by a Fanzine!

Cocteau Twins Fever, the title of a pair of TV news reports from WBNS in Columbus, Ohio, about zealous fandom surrounding the Cocteau Twins’ Sept. 19, 1985, gig there. This was just one of only five stops on its U.S. tour that year, with some fans driving hundreds of miles to attend the show.

The reason the Cocteau Twins were in Columbus, Ohio was due to the championing of the band by Tim Anstead, publisher of The Offense music newsletter, which often covered the Scottish Dreampop band. This is one of those oldschool grassroots fandom gigs, a rare occurrence even for the 80s!

Watch the video above, and check out this Amazing Cocteau Twins mini concert from 1984 | Rare setlist featuring entire Spanglemaker EP!

h/t Dangerous Minds