Cocteau Twins | Tiny Dynamine

On November 15th, 1985, Cocteau Twins released the EP Tiny Dynamine (Dynamine is a genus of nymphalid butterfly found in South America), part of a pair of EP’s whose tracks were originally test material, to probe the capabilities of a new studio.  The material, with songs titles inspired by butterflies and moths, proved to be quite remarkably good however, so Tiny Dynamine, and Echoes in a Shallow Bay were both released within two weeks of each other, with the later being released on November 29th.

I originally picked up both these EP’s in the Cocteau Twins CD singles box set that  had been released in 1991, but there have been some editions of these two EP’s released together.

Above watch a version of the track “Pink Orange Red” from Tiny Dynamine performed on The Tube.


  1. “Pink Orange Red”
  2. “Ribbed and Veined”
  3. “Plain Tiger”
  4. “Sultitan Itan”