Danish New-Wave singer Sally Dige premieres ‘Holding On’

At ungodly hours of the night or morning, you will often find Danish/Canadian multidisciplined artist Sally Dige wide awake, working obsessively on her latest song, or video—channeling earnest passion into her craft.  Not many people are as dedicated to making music as Sally, and even while enduring harrowing personal tragedy, Sally makes Holding On look easy.

Sally Dige only had only her own two hands, a synth, and her voice—to create the album who’s title track we are sharing above. All of this despite dealing with intense emotional subjects that would left most in a fragile state—Sally created music with such layered density of sound:

“I felt like the process of writing those songs were beginning to mirror the madness in my mind. I was recording and layering 40 different sounds of a bell ring because I needed the perfect mood”.

In contrast the weight of the subject and lyrical content, the music on Holding On is more than catharsis—it is a incitement to dance in the face of sorrow.

Holding On is out in the US on DKA (Sept 8th) and in Europe on Avant! (Sept 13th)