Dead Can Dance | The Serpent’s Egg

On October 24th, 1988, 4AD post-punk, ethereal, and world music band Dead Can Dance released their fourth studio album The Serpent’s Egg. 

The album’s art features a serpentine river in an aerial photograph where singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Brendan Perry explains:

 “In a lot of aerial photographs of the Earth, if you look upon it as a giant organism—a macrocosmos—you can see that the nature of the life force, water, travels in a serpentine way”

The album’s two standout tracks are Severance, which was covered live by Bauhaus during their 1998 Resurrection Tour, and The Host of Seraphim, a track that is often used during scenes of anguish in film scores, such as the end of 2007’s The Mist.


Side A

  1. The Host of Seraphim
  2. Orbis de Ignis
  3. Severance
  4. The Writing on My Father’s Hand
  5. In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed Are Kings

Side B

  1. Chant of the Paladin
  2. Song of Sophia
  3. Echolalia
  4. Mother Tongue
  5. Ullyses