The KVB’s Nicholas Wood dreams of a ‘Distant Sea’ in the video from his new solo project Saccades

This is music that should be performed at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks.

After an extensive touring schedule, Berlin based musician  Nicholas Wood was able to take a break from his well known Post-Punk, Indie, and Shoegaze project The KVB. During this time he recorded an LP under the moniker Saccades.

Premiering today is the first track off of Saccades self titled debut—the idyllic Distant Sea, which is a move into a more lighter atmosphere—highlighting the influences on this kind of psychedelic pop from daydreaming forbears like Donovan, or Nick Drake. 

In regard to the shift in tone, Nicholas Wood explains:

“the solo stuff I was making for the last couple of years had mainly been dark, experimental electronic stuff, but I started to grow tired of making that kind of music and I just had this urge to make something more song-based and ‘classic’ sounding”.

Regarding his hometown of Southampton, which inspired the album, Nick then goes on to say:

“As well as being quite nostalgic, I would say it’s quite a pastoral album – there are a lot of references to sea and nature. I think that this comes from growing up on the South Coast of England and now living in a city like Berlin, which is pretty far from the sea, with lots of industrial decay.”

 Fuzz Club Records are releases Saccades’ self-titled debut on July 28th.

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