Domenico Crisci | Jealous God Issue n. 12

[dropcap]The [/dropcap]highly acclaimed Jealous God label, co-founded by Juan Mendez (Silent Servant), Karl O’Connor (Regis) and James Ruskin as a successor of the legendary Sandwell District label / collaborative project, just scheduled their final releases. On from Issue no. 12, by Domenico Crisci—who already released on Eerie, L.I.E.S. and its sublabel Russian Torrent Versions—, we are now witnessing the last breaths of a label that captured the Techno world by storm, with pummeling and banging Techno EPs.

Domenico Crisci’s new effort blends in perfectly into the high-quality releases of the label, oscillating between Techno, EBM, Power Electronics and Minimal Synth. The tracks don’t even bother to annoy or tease with any kind of intro—instead, a raging kick drum and mangled and distorted synth arpeggios kick your balls until they glow. Barely leaving room to breathe, it evokes the spirit of Industrial Techno as it was forged in the late 90s in the UK, masterfully demonstrated on the excellent closer Alte Tanz.

The analogue roughness of Seagulls Scream certainly Silent Servant’s influence on Techno, integrating a jumping bassline, as if it was created by Vince Clarke on bad drugs after an arse-kicking Nitzer Ebb gig—forcibly making its way to the dancefloor, oscillating pads overlay the track every once in a while, and Unknown Body follows the paths of the EBM-fueled relentlessness defining Jealous God’s sound from the very beginning.

It’s a true festival of Rage—Black Birds Over Naples evokes the atmosphere of impending doom, with accented hi-hats ticking along and barely working as a corset for a pounding rhytmic foundation, enriched by resonating filter sounds, teasing a big bang to come. Upswelling and decaying detuned synths leave an uneasy feeling, stimulating the nerves in a very twisted way. No prisoners taken.

Domenico Crisci’s fourth release keeps up the high standarts of Jealous God releases, and beats his best work so far, the excellent Ceremony EP, easily. An addictive record indeed, and a must-have if you enjoyed Jealous God’s output so far.


A1: Unknown Body
A2: Seagulls Scream
B1: Black Birds Over Naples
B2: Alte Tanz

Domenico Crisci

Jealous God