Drift | “Hard To Accept” Video Premiere

[dropcap]Phosphor[/dropcap] has been the cradle of many outstanding female-fronted Wave projects, such as Helène de Thoury’s Hante. and Minuit Machine,  both of which are certainly proving their qualities. However, the new projects from Phosphor’s singer Nathalia Bruno’s Drift and Leave The Planet definitely do not take a backseat to the others efforts…far from it.

Drift’s upcoming EP Black Devotion will be released tomorrow, on November 26, via Avant! Records and will certainly not disappoint fans of Veil of Light, Tropic of Cancer or Cocteau Twins. Nathalia Bruno’s solo work certainly carries a candle in the darkness, as brighter tracks like Grave or Hard To Accept alternate with swooning, ethereal tracks like Dreams in Silkscreen. Certainly, the project’s initial release is one you need to get your hands on if you consider yourself a fan of dark, gloomy wave—hypnotic music that has a certain high standard of quality that indeed lives up to it’s namesake, allowing you to drift away in it’s melodic undercurrents.

DRIFT. (official 1)

The loss of Phosphor might have hurt a lot, as Youth and Immorality was quite an amazing album, but the new music born from the ash of Phosphor certainly does a great job drying our eyes. As an exclusive teaser, we are premiering the video of Drift’s Hard to Accept right here.

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  1. Grave
  2. Mirage
  3. Dreams in Silkscreen
  4. Say It Right
  5. Hard To Accept
  6. Never Let Go