Grauzone Festival 2017

[dropcap]Starting[/dropcap] with a pre-party on February 10th,  Grauzone Festival returns—this time in The Hague—after taking a year off. The post-punk festival is a well curated event featuring a unique assortment of acts new and old—with this years lineup featuring the solo debut of Savages Jehnny Beth, along with Chrome, Martin Rev from Suicide, Chameleons Vox, Agent Side Grinder, newcomers Whispering Sons, and more.

Footage from the last Grauzone festival:

We spoke briefly to Grauzone Festival founder and organizer Natasja Alers about the festival’s return in 2017:

Was it difficult to take a year off? 

Yes, it was. You’re working on something fulltime for 3 years, and then we decided to take a different path with new opportunities. Suddenly I had time to work in my studio to make sculptures (where I studied for). But of course in the meantime, we were talking with different venues to give the festival what it needed.

Grauzone is a festival that seems to take a lot of care in it’s curation. Was there a feel to the curation of the festival you were going for this year?

The curation is really important to us. Well honestly we knew what direction we would go and also what bands we would like to ask, but to get their, you asked already an incredible amount of acts. But eventually we’re really happy with the result, but it turned out a bit different then we expected.

Can you give me any of your personal thoughts or impressions about the headliners? Why you chose them, and what they mean to you?

Well, Jehnny Beth, Martin Rev, Chrome are acts i’m really happy with. We had asked Suicide to play a few years ago—but it didn’t work out in the end. Sad, because now Alan Vega passed away.. But a band who got an big influence on me for sure. And Jehnny Beth of Savages. We also were busy with this for a long time. First to get Savages, but it turned out we asked her to play solo. And the cool thing is: it will be her first time to play a solo show. So at Grauzone she will it will be the world premiere. A kick- off for her solo- career. Something we’re really proud of.

Grauzone Festival begins with a pre-party February 10th. Tickets are available Here