Hante. | New Album in 2016

[dropcap]Another[/dropcap] Phosphor related one. This time, it’s Helène de Thoury’s turn to amaze us with the second album of her solo project Hante.. Helène’s first album, Her Fall and Rise, consisted dense, atmospheric soundscapes with opulent synth pads, minimalistic drum beats and sparse bass lines supporting her haunting, solemn voice, and no doubt that her second album, This Fog That Never Ends, will certainly follow that direction. On one track, she will be supported by Box and the Twins singer Box von Düe, a Cologne based band formerly known as Cocktail Twins.


No further details have been announced so far, but some live footage of Hante.’s new songs are already online and available for your listening pleasure, in debatable quality. Nevertheless, the songs sound strong and raise expectations for This Fog That Never Ends, another must-have for fans of female-fronted dark synth tracks for sure.

Quoting from Hèlene’s statement in the wake of the recent events in Paris:

I know the title doesn’t sound very optimistic and even seems fatalistic. But I hope that on the contrary, It will help you to deal with the fears that prevent us from moving forward, the fear of living, the fear of dying, the fear of trusting someone and being broken. The album talks about this fog that surrounds us everyday and never disappears, this fog we’re used to live with and is easier to tame than to fight.
I hope It will make you feel you’re not alone.

The album will be available in January 2016.