Japan Suicide | “A Mood Apart” Video Premiere

[dropcap]The [/dropcap]Italian Shoegaze/Post Punk band Japan Suicide have released a video for their song A Mood Apart, taken from their album We Die In Such A Place, that was released in 2014 via Unknown Pleasures Records. The three-piece, based in the Umbrian city of Terni, approximately 100 kilometers away from Rome, grabbed distinct influences of certain bands that were active around the iconic Factory Records label, and Cold Wave inspired sounds.

The flanger and chorus-laden guitars and swelling synthesizers that fill the sound gaps with warm and moody pads resemble, more than once, The Cure’s early period, especially on Seventeen Seconds and Faith – the singing style of Stefano Bellerba certainly doesn’t distinguish the band much from their idols, and hints of Cocteau Twins can be heard at various points throughout the track. 

Fans of Lush should also take a careful listen to Japan Suicide’s track and their whole album. A Mood Apart was translated into visuals by Francesco Brunotti—aesthetically resembling that retro late 80s 3D imagery that has been coming back into style like Agent Cooper’s gum, and will make you want to watch an episode of Moonbeam City, while high on Rob Lowe’s one liners.