Dark Wave Producer Kill Shelter Announces Debut Album “Damage” Featuring Buzz Kull, Hante, New Haunts, and More!

Dark Wave Producer Kill Shelter has woven together a wicked ensemble of allstar underground talent spanning the globe for  debut album Damage on Unknown Pleasures Records.

The LP features vocal contributions and collaborations from Hante. (FR), Buzz Kull (AUS), Delphine Coma (US), Antipole (NOR), undertheskin (PL), Killjoi (US), The Shyness of Strangers (CA), Pedro Code (Iamtheshadow – PT), Nate Jespersen (ultrviolence – CA), New Haunts (UK) and Bragolin (NL).

All the ten tracks on Damage deal with trauma, and are themed around the physical and psychological hurt that we inflict upon ourselves, others and the world around us.

“Following a series of remixes, I decided that I wanted to create an album that was reflective and representative of the scene as is stands today from a global perspective. I am forever grateful to all the artists that took part and for giving up their time and talent for the project. I personally admire and respect all of the artists individually and they all have incredible voices and musicianship that range from everything from Coldwave to Dark Rock.

It was an ambitious project from the start especially with the timescales but I had a strong vision of what Kill Shelter was and who I wanted involved. Technology and the internet played a massive part in making this achievable and I was blown away by the professionalism and quality of work of all the artists involved.”
– Kill Shelter

Listen to a preview of Gothic Rock infused “In Decay” featuring Antipole & Delphine.

“When I listened to Kill Shelter’s complete album I was struck by the scale, the beauty and the lyricism of the voices and the guitars on this stunning debut. For fans of The Sisters of Mercy or Fields of the Nephilim, this album will have the same impact as hearing “First and Last and Always” or “Dawnrazor” for the very first time. With a truly contemporary twist, this is the great return of British Gothic Rock!!
– Pedro Peñas Robles / Unknown Pleasures Records owner (and founding member of HIV+, Fluxus and Adan & Ilse)

Damage is available to pre-order on Unknown Pleasures Records.

The full album will be released on Monday the 26th of November 2018.