Killekill Megahits Vol. II /| Furfriend – Numb Video Premiere

[dropcap]The [/dropcap]Berlin-based Killekill label is known for its explorative approach towards electronic music—with some very interesting results. Among them, there’s Umwelt, Kamikaze Space Programme, and Eomac, whose noeverything project should be familiar to some. And there’s Furfriend.

Charmingly described as “everything you never dared to sex about”, vocalist Dingo Tush and producer Das Uberdog made themselves a name on dancefloors with filthy, filthy dance tracks like Fist Fuck, Shepherd or Geck—or Numb, a track we proudly premiere, once again, made by the amazing The29Nov Films, who already tailored an impressive video for Codex Empire.

Numb is part of Killekill Megahits II, the follow-up of the label’s highly acclaimed first label compilation, but the euphoria about the impressive triple vinyl release is somewhat overshadowed by the unfortunate announcement that the label’s work ends now, in this form.

By no means, this is the end of Killekill—the label will continue to work on amazing stuff in different forms, splitting up into sublabels for a more specialised approach towards Electronic Music. It marks an end towards Killekill’s current incarnation, but there is some great things to come in the near future.

Either way, Killekill Megahits II is a worthy ending point, and one last reason to celebrate Killekill’s sonic ideals—preferably by dancing.





The 29Nov Films