King Dude | New Split Single with Julee Cruise and European Tour Dates

[dropcap]Prior[/dropcap] to his next stint to Europe with The Demon Brothers, King Dude‘s upcoming release is a split single with the legendary Julee Cruise, who is best known for her appearance as a night club singer in Twin Peaks, and for singing the series’ theme. (Read more on This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, and the creation of the music of Twin Peaks).

Prior to her appearances in the series, she released two albums in collaboration with David Lynch, who wrote lyrics, and Angelo Badamenti, who scored the Twin Peaks film, and worked with David Lynch on various other occasions, previously on Blue Velvet. After two albums with Lynch and Badamenti (Floating into the Night, 1989 and The Voice of Love, 1993), they parted ways. Julee Cruise joined the B-52’s briefly, and recorded two more albums in 2003, The Art Of Being A Girl, and 2011, My Secret Life.

Now teaming up with King Dude, whose atmosphere frequently evokes a feeling similar to Twin Peaks (or the excellent first season of True Detective), she is back with a new release after an extended recording break. Whereas King Dude covers Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart, first heard in the Twin Peaks episode in which Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed, Julee Cruise sings Animal, written for her by his malicously grinning Dudeness.

The split single is out on September 8 on Not Just Religious Music.

King Dude himself is on the road in Europe and can be seen here:

06.08 Wacken, De // Wacken Open Air
07.08 Leipzig, DE // WERK II
08.08 Krakow, PL // Alchemia
09.08 Bratislava, SK // Ranadal
10.08 Forstress Josefov, CZ // Brutal Assault Festival
11.08 Wiesbaden, DE // Schlachthof
12.08 Ieper, BL // Ieperfest

13.08 Düsseldorf, DE // Exit Club
14.08 Saarbrücken, DE // Garage
15.08 Munich, DE // Backstage Club
16.08 Wien, AT // Arena
18.08 Belgrade, SCG // Dom Omladine
19.08 Alba Julia Fortress, Transylvania, RO // Dark Bombastic Evening
20.08 Zagreb, CRO // Klub Mochvara
21.08 Marina di Ravenna, ITA // Hana-Bi
22.08 Torino, ITA // Blah Blah
23.08 Zurich, CH // Ebrietas
24.08 Paris, Fra // Glazart
25.08 Nantes, FRA // La Scene Michelet
26.08 Leira, PT // Entremuralhas Festival
28.08 Rotterdam, NL // Baroeg
30.08 Trier, DE // ExHaus
01.09 Arnhem, NL // Willemeen
02.09 Helsinki, FIN // Dubrovnik Lounge *solo
03.09 Kulturpark Deutzen bei Leipzig, DE // NCN FESTIVAL *solo

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King Dude

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