Lebanon Hanover | Touring Italy with Selofan

[dropcap]Lebanon Hanover[/dropcap] created a huge buzz in the contemporary post-punk scene since their apperance alongside La Fete Triste in 2011, and well deserved. The band’s four albums to date – The World Is Getting Colder, Why Not Just Be Solo, Tomb For Two and Besides The Abyss – achieved the status of modern-day classics, harboring club hits like Totally Tot, Gallowdance or Die World. Besides The Abyss, that came out earlier this year on Fabrika Records, is, again, an overall convincing album of the duo which never really had a homebase but travelled all over the world getting inspired by new places they lived in – Bochum, Berlin or Athens are just three of the numerous cities Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline haunted together. The band’s next home, starting next month, is the tour bus, going through Italy, playing alongside label mates Selofan, who also present a new album called Tristesse, musically located right on the border between Wave and Synth Punk. Catch the duo here:

06.11.: Decadence (Bologna)
07.11.: TBA (Rome)
08.11.: Cellar Theory (Naples)
10.11.: Titty Twister (Parma)
11.11.: Black Hole (Milan)
12.11.: Magazzino Sul Pò (Turin)13.11.: Vidia (Cesena)
14.11.: TBA (Venice)

The schedule will be carefully updated within the next few days, including the announcements of the missing venues in Rome and Venice. Meanwhile, you can get more information here.

Lebanon Hanover bandcamp

Selofan bandcamp