Listen to the visceral Industrial assault of Kollaps’ ‘Sibling Lovers’

Post-Industrialists Kollaps have followed up 2015’s debut EP release Heartworm, with the distorted and throbbing Siblings Lovers LP. The Melbourne based group’s first full length release enlists veteran Damian Coward (Heirs, High Tension) on bass/percussion/production, along with Wade Black (vocals) and Robin W. Marsh’s (drums, programming).

Sibling Lovers is a raw visceral dissection of the conjoined twins antonyms of confusion and control, which according to the band’s press release creates industrial music that “with appropriated non-instruments- scrap metal, raw plastics, steel beams” literally uses “the detritus of postmodern society against itself.”

Listen to the full album, above where lyricist and vocalist Wade Black scrapes his trachea while uttering a prognosis of modern diseases such cancer, the resulting colostomy bags, and heart worms. Listening to this album may very well cause the smells and fluids of ‘alcoholism, incest and slaughterhouses’ to penetrate your ears and impact your cerumen—leaving you not only wanted to cleanse your body, but perhaps poor hot bleach into your brain.

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Kollaps will be touring throughout Europe in November/December, supported by OPERANT (Ascetic:, Instruments Of Discipline)

17.11 Le Marquis de Sade, Rennes
18.11 Olympic Cafe, Paris
21.11 MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
22.11 Mayhem, Copenhagen w/ TREPANERINGSRITUALEN
26.11 Club Debil, Dresden
27.11 Underdogs, Prague
29.11 Jeden Teg, Ostrava
30.11 Menu, Hradec Kralove
01.12 Urban Spree, Berlin w/ TREPANERINGSRITUALEN
02.12 Barlok, Brussels w/ TREPANERINGSRITUALEN
06.12 Klub Dom, Lødz
07.12 Carpe Diem, Wroclaw
08.12 Poglos, Warsaw w/ BRIGHTER DEATH NOW
09.12 Warztat, Krakow w/ BRIGHTER DEATH NOW
10.12 Fuga Club, Bratislava
12.12 L’écurie, Geneva
13.12 Hirscheneck, Basel
14.12 Le Caves Du Manoir, Martigny
15.12 Màgia Rojà, Barcelona
19.12 Kraken Pub, Milan