New Order unearthed deep cuts for their opening synth ensemble set at the Manchester International Festival

So It Goes…

New Order delivered a beautiful and unique performance at old Granada Television Studios in Manchester last night. This was their first of 5 concerts with a 12-member synthesizer ensemble—which continues July 1st, 6th, 13th and 15th  at the Manchester International Festival

The Manchester legends delivered a 15-song set, with the synth players were in two rows of six stacked on top of each other behind the stage—not unlike a modern opera.

Frontman Bernard Sumner made good on his promise of deep cuts, as New Order performed six songs not played live in Decades (Yes, they played that too), performing Joy Division’s Disorder for the first time since 1980, and the very first time ever as New Order.

The Power, Corruption & Lies track Ultraviolence was performed live for the first time since 1984—Shellshock returned for the first time in 20 years, and not since the Technique tour in 1989 had their been performances of Sub-culture, All Day Long and Vanishing Point . Dream Attack also made it#s return, not being played since 1993, and the 2001 song Behind Closed Doors its live debut.

Setlist: New Order, Old Granada Studios, Manchester, UK, June 29th, 2017

1. “Elegia”
2. “Who’s Joe?”
3. “Dream Attack” (First time since 1993)
4. “Disorder” (First time since 1980, first ever as New Order)
5. “Ultraviolence” (First time since 1984)
6. “Behind Closed Doors” (First time ever)
7. “All Day Long” (First time since 1989)
8. “Shellshock” (First time since 1987)
9. “Guilt Is a Useless Emotion”
10. “Sub-culture” (First time since 1989)
11. “Bizarre Love Triangle”
12. “Vanishing Point” (First time since 1989)
13. “Plastic”
14. “Your Silent Face”
15. “Decades”



“All Day Long”

“Bizarre Love Triangle”

“Vanishing Point”

Vanishing Point #neworder

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“Your Silent Face”

You caught me at a bad time , so why don’t you piss off #neworder

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“Hey Joe”