MBRS | Black Box Recordings Exclusive Streaming

MBRS is the new project of Michael Bjella (GOG) and Robert Skrzynski (Micromélancholie) which is now out on Instruments of Discipline. The debut issue of their new project is called Black Box Recordings, referring to the small orange boxes, for some weird reasons called black boxes, used in planes that are intended to record events prior to a crash to make investigations easier, but unfortunately, these boxes are way too often unusable, and destroyed during the accident.

Michael Bjella and Robert Skrzynski took up the idea and created Black Box Recordings, a collage of noises from field recordings, tweaked and alienated to create something disturbing, something ambient and something that somehow manages to calm you down at the same time as it tears your eardrums apart at considerable volume.

For fans of acts like Damien Dubrovnik, early Lust For Youth, Whitehouse or ancient Ambient/Industrial pieces of Maurizio Bianchi a.k.a. Sacher-Pelz or Atrax Morgue, MBRS’ debut recording is a must have, and to give you a good insight about it, in collaboration with IOD, we exclusively premiere the entire record online. Those recieved an instant erection just from the list of names, you will definitely enjoy this. Those coming here for dusty Siouxsie and the Banshees live bootlegs, take a listen anyway and wonder what fresh hell is going on.


  1. Tearing Up
  2. Black Box Recording
  3. Yes The Enduring Classics
  4. Homes in Paris
  5. The Brighter Side Of Fucking History

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