[dropcap]M[/dropcap]emorex is a Canadian electronic, post-punk band founded by Toronto synth player and guitarist David Lush in 2013. The project follows in the tradition of bizarrely talented yet under-appreciated synth acts coming out of Canada recently. Last autumn’s limited cassette E.P. “Tape One” (which included members of Mirror Phase in the studio & live) showcased the band’s affection for blurry tape recordings, muffled drum machines, and haunted poly synth sounds. The EP showed clear leanings toward a UK post-punk guitar aesthetic, sounding somewhere between the Danse Society and early New Order, with the exception of the kraut-inspired “Glass Eyes” that stands in contrast to the pounding electro of “Moon Rescue Mission”. Tracks “Electra Furs” and “Can’t Remember” both feature in this year’s Another Cold World compilation.

In their most recent offering, the nearly 7-minute long “Hierarchy” shows Memorex sounding more polished than their cassette tape beginnings. Still present are the echoing synth arpeggios, rattling vintage drum machines, and sonorous Steven Severin sounding bass guitars of their previous work; however, the presence of a vocoder represents a stylistic departure in this new release. The song shifts from a somber synthesized, almost dizzy beginning to an anxious guitar-driven, frenetic finish. A promising return from a band that plans to follow up with “Tape Two” in the coming months. Look forward to a single from this upcoming release to appear on a Kernkrach compilation in early 2016.