Mitra Mitra | Opportunity Music Video – Bleak Minimal Wave from Austria

[dropcap]Mitra[/dropcap] Mitra are Mahk Rumbae (Codex Empire, Konstruktivists, Oppenheimer MKII, Ghost Actor) and Violet Candide—a project recently formed in Vienna, creating ancient-sounding Minimal Synth, dominated by dusty, minimal bass lines, detuned leads, old school drum machines and a sometimes cold and caustic, sometimes silky voice. The Austrian duo will release their first self-titled album on March 19.

Today, the band released their debut video for Opportunity on Youtube—a very minimal one, and according to the band, ultra low budget. Actually, that’s visible, but the DIY aesthetics suits their music excellently. Four of the songs that will be featured on their debut release can be heard up to now, and the more I listen to it, the more I am looking forward to hear the whole album.

Limited to 150 copies, Mitra Mitra‘s debut will be available in a very limited quantity only via the band’s bandcamp (digital and on vinyl) and bigcartel pages, so be quick to pre-order one very promising Minimal Synth album—it might be gone sooner than you think.

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