New Order | Brotherhood

[dropcap]On[/dropcap] September 29th, 1986, New Order released their fourth studio album Brotherhood. The album features one of the band’s most popular singles Bizarre Love Triangle, as well as State of the Nation on the CD version.

The album features a sleeve created by Peter Saville which is a photograph of a sheet of titanium-zinc alloy. Each side of the record is distinct in sound, with side A being the guitar side, and side B being the synth side.

I always thought that my favorite side of Brotherhood was the acoustic side. Yet, when we came to play the sequencer songs which make up side two, it was those that I loved! I like the fact that side two is a little bit more difficult and different.-Peter Hook


1. Paradise
2. Weirdo
3. As It Is When It Was
4. Broken Promise
5. Way of Life
6. Bizarre Love Triangle
7. All Day Long
8. Angel Dust
9. Every Little Counts