Smiths Record Store Day single has “Trump Will Kill America” engraving

Smiths fans have been reporting a surprise in their copies of the new 7-inch of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side from The Smiths—the thorn being a political message inscribed in the 45’s run-out groove:

“Trump will kill America.”

Political statements are nothing new for the likes of Morrissey and Marr, with Moz during his solo career directly calling out Margaret Thatcher with the track Margaret on the Guillotinean act with had him questioned by Scotland yard So it is no surprise Donald Trump has made the cut into this latest political statement engraved in vinyl,  as Morrissey has made clear his displeasure with the for the current  American president.

*Header photo by Yukiko Nakagawa

For more information on the single, see our previous article, and check out an assortment of fan pictures of the etching below:

Our copy