New Tropic of Cancer EP “Stop Suffering” out in October

[dropcap]Camella[/dropcap] Lobo, mastermind of the LA based wave project Tropic of Cancer, just announced a new EP – her first material to come out since her 2013 debut album “Restless Idylls“. The EP will be called “Stop Suffering” and will include an eponymous title track and two tracks called “I Woke Up and the Storm was Over” and “When the Dog Bites” – the first one is also featured on the recently released “I Can’t Give You The Life You Want” Blackest Ever Black anniversary compilation in a different mix. The release date is scheduled for october 30th, and the EP can be pre-ordered on already. “Stop Suffering” can be purchased as a 12″ EP and as a digital download.

If you liked Tropic of Cancer’s first album, you will dig the three songs that are featured on her new EP as well – not much has changed musically. The music is dominated by minimalistic beats, evocative string pads, Camella’s echo-laden voice and a dense, foggy atmosphere choking you with its sadness and warmth – all the ingredients that made the project a standout act are present and warmly remind you to listen to the amazing first album again, celebrating the end of summer with the intense melancholy transmitted by your record player and the pieces which can be found on youtube.


  1. Stop Suffering
  2. I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over
  3. When The Dog Bites