Nine Inch Nails Play Entire “Broken” EP—”Happiness In Slavery” Performed Live for the First Time in 23 Years

At the opening gig of their current North American tour, Nine Inch Nails played 1992’s Broken EP in its entirety, including “Happiness In Slavery”, a fan-favorite which had not been performed live by the band since 1995. 

At the first of two concerts at Phoenix’s Comerica Theatre, Trent Reznor and co. performed all eight tracks from Brokenwhich had been included in various live sets before, but never together.  Along with “Happiness In Slavery,” which hadn’t been played live in 23 years, “Last” had not appeared in a setlist since their 2009 Wave Goodbye tour.

The original release of Broken included two cover songs; ‘Physical (You’re So)’, originally by Adam and the Ants and Pigface’s “Suck”. Both had not been performed since 2009 and 2013, respectively.

Add Violence’s “This Isn’t The Place”, a slow dirge in waltz tempo, was also debuted for the first time this evening. 

Nine Inch Nails setlist:

  • ‘Pinion’ (intro music)
  • ‘Wish’
  • ‘Last’
  • ‘Help Me I Am In Hell’
  • ‘Happiness In Slavery’
  • ‘Gave Up’
  • ‘Physical (You’re So)’
  • ‘Suck’
  • ‘March Of The Pigs’
  • ‘The Lovers’
  • ‘Reptile’
  • ‘Shit Mirror’
  • ‘Ahead Of Ourselves’
  • ‘This Isn’t The Place’
  • ‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’
  • ‘Survivalism’
  • ‘Only’
  • ‘The Hand That Feeds’
  • ‘Head Like A Hole’
  • ‘Less Than’
  • ‘The Day The World Went Away’
  • ‘Hurt’