Oakland duo Petheaven share a spectral somnambulance in the song ‘Spellbreaker’

Oakland-based duo Petheaven have music that channels gentle ghost stories through the ferocious tenderness showcased in the collaborative efforts of multi-instrumentalists Anya Taylor and Zoe Stiller. 

Through bewitching vocals and an oneiric tempest of guitars the pair have been able to conjured up a mournful dirge in the song Spellbreaker, which was originally featured on the pair’s limited debut cassette the Fruit of Paradise EP.

The new EP “I Will Choose How I Die” is described as a “culmination devastation, loss and eternal love.”, with Anya Taylor going on to describe the track Spellbreaker as a “theatrical ghost dance of aching self-actualization and inner power.”

Listen below:

“I Will Choose How I Die” is out December 9th, and a tour is planned to follow sometime in 2018.

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Featured Photo by Kristin Cofer