Paradox Obscur set the tone for a dark night out in Athens in their video for ‘In Control’

Synth duo Paradox Obscur have followed up the video for the track Twilight, with another fantastic short film set to the music from their Artifact LP—this time for the track In Control.

The high quality video production for In Control is courtesy of “Press Eject and Give me the Tape” and took place in the underground areas in the heart of Athens with the participation of performer Aggelos Samiotis, as he embarks on a evening of drinks and dancing that begins of course, with hair and makeup—encapsulating the archetype of the Gothic/New-wave flaneur.

Did you spot the And Also The Trees poster on the wall? Or the Neubauten tattoo?

Artifact is out now via Young & Cold Records (DE) on  white carved vinyl

Photo by Pavel Vishnevsky.

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