Pitch Black Mirror | An Interview with Orphx

[dropcap]Canadian[/dropcap] techno duo Orphx are set to release their first full non-collaboration album in 5 years—following 2011’s Radiotherapy. The new album Pitch Black Mirror—Orphx have created a dark minimalist exploration of synths, field recordings, and vocals that ultimately prove that techno is art.

Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey are joined by guest vocalist Marie Davidson—who along with Rich, provides vocals for various tracks on the record. Also contributing to Pitch Black Mirror is founding Orphx member Aron West, who programs drone sequences to a few tracks on the album.


Highlights on Pitch Black Mirror are Sever The Signal, Molten Heart, The Zero Hour, and Walk Into the Broken Night. The album defies any limitations that would be imposed upon it by accepting the conventions of any genres, using elements of Techno, EBM, NOISE, Industrial, and Post-Punk as Oddie and Sealey see fit. This is surely the best electronic music album to come out this November, if not all of 2016.

If you are in Germany, catch Orphx live at Berghain Saturday October 29th

Or see Rich Oddie’s collaboration with Huren as O/H (Ontario Hospital) at Liber Null RSVP HERE

Also as mentioned in the interview, check out the collaborative project between Rich and Aron WestOureboroswhich has just released the video for the track Embers over at Heathen Harvest.


Pitch Black Mirror is co-presented by Sonic Groove (2xLP + Digital) and HANDS (CD), and is out on November 4th.