Play The Smiths “Meat is Murder”…the video game

[dropcap]Yes[/dropcap], you read that headline correctly, The Smiths have released an online 8-bit game. in collaboration with PETA and This Is Pop entitled This Beautiful Creature Must Die.” The game is based on the band’s 1985 song Meat Is Murder, from the album of the same name. The objective is for players to save chickens, cows, pigs, and turkeys from slaughter, as they tumble the screen toward bloody blades.

In a press release, Morrissey said,

“This game is the biggest social crusade of all, as we safeguard the weak and helpless from violent human aggression. You don’t get that from ‘Pokémon Go.’” Play it below. In addition to “The Beautiful Creature Must Die,”

The Smiths also lent their song to a new PETA video about the meat industry which can be watched above.

Play This Beautiful Creature Must Die

h/t Pitchfork