Rein | New Swedish EBM Bangers

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] first associations coming to my mind when thinking about EBM is testosterone, sweat, muscle and hate—in a way, it’s very “male”. A penis was never a necessity to create killer EBM, though. That has been displayed by e.g. Youth Code just recently—and Rein, the next project in line of great female-driven EBM, takes up Nitzer Ebb‘s heritage and creates some killer bass lines.

Only supported by live drummer Irina Rojas, Rein is the brainchild of Joanna Reinikainen, programming and writing lyrics, and somewhat unsurprising, the recent eruption of tough ass attitude and aggression is hailing from Sweden.

Pioneering the EBM revival that brought us Spetsnaz, Nordarr, Container 90 or Dupont at the beginning of this millennium, the country has a rich history of stomping beats and dry-as-fuck basslines. Cat Rapes Dog or Pouppée Fabrikk, only two examples of premillennial EBM greatness from the country of moose and Ikea, left massive traces in the EBM scene, and beyond.

Rein will certainly blow up some dust. Releasing her first self-titled single digitally on January 5, Joanna Reinikainen already got massive positive feedback, and we’re lining up in praising her first effort—songs like Concrete Jungle, Rebel Girls or Born To Die are stompers galore and should be very appreciated by your average analogue bass line and shouting aficionado.

You can listen to the record on Spotify, and you can show your appreciation on Facebook.