Rest In Peace John Murphy | Death in June percussionist dies age 56

[dropcap]Many[/dropcap], many people pass away way too early. The most recent addition to people who will be dearly missed by the music scene and their beloved ones is musician John Murphy, who passed away on October 11. He is best known as the percussionist of Neofolk cult icon Death in June, and as a collaborator of Current 93, NON, :Of The Wand and the Moon:, Blood Axis, Whitehouse and Ex-The Velvet Underground singer Nico, and founding member of Last Dominion Lost, Knifeladder and Shining Vril.

Being a very prolific protagonist of the UK Post Industrial scene, his instrumental contributions are audible on amazing records like Whitehouse’s Psychopathia Sexualis, Current 93’s Dog’s Blood Order, Death in June’s and Boyd Rice’s collaboration album Alarm Agents – among many others. The Melbourne-born drummer, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist co-founded the punk band News before wandering off to the UK, eventually joining The Associates and Gene Loves Jezebel as a session member, and getting more and more involved with the blooming and fruitful scene that formed around the remains of Throbbing Gristle.

John Murphy never stopped working on music before his death. Our thoughts are with him and his relatives.

Stefan from Anemone Tube is raising money for John Murphy’s wife and funeral costs. He was a good friend of John and put out his last releases,