Ride Make an Appearance on Amoeba’s “What’s In My Bag?”

Creation Records alumni and Shoegaze legends Ride recently made an appearance on famed Los Angeles record store Amoeba’s ongoing video series What’s In My Bag?

The video features singer/guitarist Andy Bell and bassist Steve Queralt going over their purchases of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, DIIV’s Oshin, Psychic TV’s Allegory & Self, Depeche Mode’s Violator, and more!

It is interesting to hear Steve talk about the crossover between black metal and shoegaze featured in the music of Amalie Bruun’s Myrkur, which parallels similar crossovers seen with Alcest and Deafheaven.

Also included is Cocteau Twins anecdote about playing the Victorialand track “Lazy Calm” at the wrong speed of 33pm, which we also have to agree still works.

Watch the the episode of What’s In My Bag? below: