Savages premiere new track “The Answer”

[dropcap]Media[/dropcap] darlings Savages have dropped a new track “The Answer” today, and something tells me that even though they share the result of their inquiry with Todd Rundgren, (Love is the Answer), the question may be quite different.


The track heralds the release of the all female post-punk band’s upcoming sophomore effort “Adore Life”. The song’s compostion seems to be aiming for a more grunge like sound, but in doing so I suspect will inadvertently will get even more Siouxsie  comparisons, which were unwarranted on the first record (of which my opinion, really sounded a lot like U2’s “Boy”).

The guitar solo doesn’t help either, as it does indeed sound like it could have been crafted by John McGeoch. However, despite this, the album shows promise, and the cunning linguistic skills of Henry Rollins as a teaser has not been entirely a turn off (Yes, my dear former Black Flag singer…You deserve shit for over hyping this, along with Pitchfork who honestly need to tone it down a notch with cringe worthy allusions like this: “those fiercely physical pleasures become less unknown”…yuck!)

Don’t get me wrong, I like Savages, but please…less hype more music!