Spear of Destiny | Temple of Love Live at Whitby, October 31 2015

[dropcap]Kirk[/dropcap] Brandon’s Spear of Destiny played a gig at the Whitby Pavillion on October 31 and included a surprise in their set list, a cover of The Sisters of Mercy‘s all-time hit Temple of Love, a song that should be familiar to you if you haven’t spent your life on the dark side of the moon so far. This version is sung by Ex-The Sisters of Mercy bass player Craig Adams and the quality of the cover is debatable, but Craig Adams is apparently a better vocalist than Gary Marx. Surely fun to watch though, since The Sisters of Mercy themselves do not like playing it, cutting it down to a 2 minute piece on recent tours. Watch the video of Spear of Destiny‘s version and judge for yourself – certainly something special, no matter if it is good or bad, it is historical.