The Cure’s Show | Watch the Wish era concert that was filmed in July of 1992

On September 13th, 1993, The Cure released the live album Show whose songs were originally recorded over the evenings of July 18th and 19th, 1992, at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan (right outside of Detroit).

The album was the poppier companion to the live album Paris which naturally was  filmed in French capital.  Unlike Paris however, this concert was shot with 16 cameras, and it has been said that frontman Robert Smith was dissatisfied with the original edit, and spent 3 months re-cutting all the footage to fit The Cure’s aesthetic.

The film was released on VHS, CDI and Laserdisc, but is now one of the many Cure live concert films to be out of print.

Laserdisc Track List

  • A1 Warning / Logo
  • A2 Tape
  • A3 Open
  • A4 High
  • A5 Pictures Of You
  • A6 Lullaby
  • A7 Just Like Heaven
  • A8 Fascination Street
  • A9 A Night Like This
  • A10 Trust
  • A11 Doing The Unstuck
  • A12 The Walk
  • A13 Let’s Go To Bed
  • A14 Friday I’m In Love
  • B1 Inbetween Days
  • B2 From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
  • B3 Never Enough
  • B4 Cut
  • B5 End
  • B6 To Wish Impossible Things
  • B7 Primary
  • B8 Boy’s Don’t Cry
  • B9 Why Can’t I Be You?
  • B10 A Forest
  • B11 Credits / Tape