The Damned | The Black Album

[dropcap]On[/dropcap] October 20th, 1980, The Damned release their fourth studio album—The Black Album—a record whose sleeve parodies The Beatles White Album, and whose music moved the band into a more Gothic-Rock direction

The album features the singles The History of the World (Part 1)Dr Jekyll & Mr HydeWait for the Blackout, and Lively Arts.


A1 Wait for the Blackout
A2 Lively Arts
A3 Silly Kids Games
A4 Drinking About My Baby
A5 Twisted Nerve
A6 Hit or Miss
B1 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
B2 Sick of This And That
B3 History of the World Pt. 1
B4 13th Floor Vendetta
B5 Therapy
C1 Curtain Call