The Devil and the Universe | Ascension Song Premiere

There are certain bands that always got our very special eye. The Devil and the Universe are one of them – the Austrian three-piece is about to release their 3rd album Benedicere on December 8, and it will be a surprising album, because if you think about that witchcraft-satanism-goat mask-thing, you might want to re-think all you know about them. Ashley Dayour, David Pfister and Stefan Elsbacher found a new topic to explore – while their debut album :Imprint Daath: didn’t have a real central topic, Haunted Summer focused on a dark summer and a gathering of famous authors like Lord Byron, Mary Kelly and John Polidori – the latter one created the vampire genre whose slight that brought us classic novels like Frankenstein or The Vampyre. Benedicere steps away from darkness, into the light, literally. Centering around the Virgin Mary, Benedicere breaks with well known concepts about the band only at first sight; but observing the band more carefully, you find one name that gives it all a meaning, a certain concept that is beyond all concepts, Robert Anton Wilson’s concept of Discordianism. Create, Enjoy, Destroy.

So before we go full in-depth with The Devil and the Universe highly interesting concept, there’s something to give you on your ways prior to the release of Benedicere – a new song called Ascension, the opening track of the new album, that certainly strikes a chord when you grew up in an environment whose core concepts were mostly defined by Christianity.

The album is available for pre-order now – you can order it on the band’s bigcartel page and on Rustblade.