The Exploding Boy new video ‘Scared to Death’

Sweden’s The Exploding Boy have just released a new video from their single ‘Scared to Death’,  the final track off of their album ‘Four’, which was released October 22nd of last year.  ‘Scared to Death’ is a fantastic chimera of Interpol-esque Post-Punk revival meets Gary Marx/Craig Adam’s inspired vintage Sisters of Mercy.  This band is further proof that Sweden produces some of the best Post-Punk in the world *cough*The Mary Onettes, Principe Valiente*cough*


1. Cracked / Reasons
2. Street Cliché
3. Going To Hell
4. Dark City (Pt.II)
5. Runaways
6. Awful
7. Shadows
8. Always
9. Get It Out
10. Scared To Death