The Harrow cover The Glove’s “Mouth to Mouth” (Free Download)


NYC’s The Harrow return with a  brand new free digital single featuring a cover of Banshee/Cure side project The Glove’s “Mouth to Mouth,” mixed by none other than the brilliant Xavier Paradis of Automelodi and was released a few days ago on October 14 through Everything Is Chemical.  The execution of this cover vibrates with chilling paroxysms hidden within each note and chord.  The Harrow love this song and pay homage to it with a “Don’t fuck with what’s not broken’ mentality.  Yes indeed, this a subtle interpretation, but with vocals reminiscent of This Ascension, and guitars alluding to Curtis’ bros of Dif Juz, however, none of this strays too much from Smith and Severin’s superior B-Side to Like An Animal.  By the way, have you ever noticed the cunning lyrics?  Might as well have been a companion piece to the Banshee’s Melt!, but I digress…

Speaking of superior B-sides,’Ringing the Changes’ is almost a pastiche of the best elements from 4AD’s classic era, but of course, this has always been the motivation; to capture the essential spirit of This Mortal Coil, and in doing so, The Harrow have inadvertently created a masterpiece.

Side A – “Mouth to Mouth” (originally by The Glove)
Side B – “Ringing the Changes”