Return of The Empire | Horror Vacui are releasing a new pressing of their 2nd album

[dropcap]HORROR[/dropcap] VACUI have just returned with their aptly titled second LP “RETURN OF THE EMPIRE”, a pleasing mixture of Metal elements, (Post) Punk structures as well as (Death) Rock related sounds.

While the first pressing had completely been sold out—you can now get a copy, as Avant! Records is currently releasing a European pressing of the Italo-Deathrock band’s 2nd full-length album.

The record will remind you of bands such as The Dark, UkDecay, Christian Death, Lords of The New Church, and Blitz, but this 5-piece combo is dedicated to a more rawer sound found only in the most rare stacks of wax.

Enjoy the exclusive album stream with standout tracks such as “Opus Tenebris”, and “Return of the Empire” via our soundcloud above—courtesy of Avant! Records.

1. Return Of The Empire
2. 5000
3. The Right Cure
4. Time
5. ‘Till The Last Drop
6. Light Of Darkness
7. Screens Of Infamy
8. Opus Tenebris

Horror Vacui