The Prids share their animated video for “Lie Here”

The Prids, Portland Oregon’s stalwarts of the post-punk, shoegaze, and indie scenes have premiered their charming video for Lie Here, a track culled from the band’s recently released 4th studio LP Do I Look Like I’m In Love?

In contrast to the previous video for the joyful and dreamy single Summer Cult, Lie Here features a cute little animated ghost like character who is haunted by a tedious daily routine that is bookended by colourful partying and hangovers that break the ennui of a broken heart.

Vocalist and Guitarist David Frederickson spoke to Punk News about the track, stating:

“‘Lie Here’ is a breakup song, where the world weary and broken hearted take refuge in the rejection of ones life, in the sad attempt to feel in control.”

The band’s new album Do I Look Like I’m In Love? came out January 12th via This-A-Way Records

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