The Sisters of Mercy | Germany gigs cancelled

[dropcap]Urgent [/dropcap]note, for immediate sharing for all those who wanted to see The Sisters of Mercy in Cologne (October 21) and in Berlin (October 22) this year – according to the concert promoter Prime Entertainment (note in German), the band is forced to call off their two Germany gigs on this tour because of a laryingitis of Intellectual Love God Andrew Eldritch, who is unable to perform due to his damaged health. The shows are not cancelled, but postponed – the band announced two dates make this up to those who wanted to see the band perform. The Cologne show is now on December 8, the Berlin show is one day later, on December 9. The venues haven’t changed and all tickets are still vaild.

New dates:

08.12.2015: Palladium, Cologne, Germany
09.12.2015: Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany.