The Sound of Progress | Cold Spring reissuing the classic documentary

[dropcap]Remember [/dropcap]this article? If you are following Industrial music, you certainly do. The Sound of Progress, an excellent documentary originally filmed for Dutch TV, Coil, Test Dept., Foetus and Current 93‘s David Tibet teamed up and did some weird stuff on camera, talking about their music and backgrounds—very tongue-in-cheek, and extremely funny to watch.

The kind people of Cold Spring now remastered the tapes carefully, after various badly bootlegged versions showed up on Youtube and other channels—they all vanished recently, but we will have them back in excellent audio and video quality.

Presenting live footage, interviews and studio work of the artists featured, The Sound of Progress is an excellent contemporary document that should be familiar to anyone claiming to like Post-Industrial.

The DVD is out on August 1st and can be pre-ordered on Cold Spring.